The Goal

Become the First Filmmaker in Space


Long before I became a filmmaker at age 9, I wanted nothing more then to be an astronaut.

Now with the recent achievements in commercial space, I feel now is the time to take the necessary steps to pursue my childhood dream once more. 

Adventurer & Emmy winning filmmaker with a focus on global inspiration & human conservation.


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Mission Objectives

Find A Way To Space

With the rise of spaceflight companies like Virgin Galactic,  Space X, and Blue Origin means that the final frontier of filmmaking may soon be within my reach.

Produce an Epic IMAX Documentary

Once selected to a space mission Ill bring aboard the latest IMAX camera's to capture the amazing views as well as Interview the crew before, during, & after the mission.

Capture The Overview Effect

Something happens when you see the world as a whole that changes your perspective. Only by viewing our planet from space and recognizing its fragility can we inspire an overwhelming urge to protect it.


Space Training 2019


For the next 5 years I will be training both my mind and my body for the effects of space.  

SPACEX Moon Mission 2023


The Dear Moon Project is scheduled for 2023, Ill be ready if they give me a call. 

Win an Oscar by 2025


Featuring Interviews from the pilots & crew, witness unrestricted access to the spaceship in this film thats going to be out of this world. 

Help me on this journey

Your support will help me improve and meet my upcoming goals.

Your generous donation will help me change the world with a film like no other.

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FYI: There will be tons of media coverage over the next five years for this global event.

Alejandro DeHoyos - Spacefilmmaker

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